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Monday, July 21, 2008

i did a good deed!

i went amk hub to meet the guys for dinner
and when i got down the bus
i saw this old man with a walking aid
he is visually impaired

saw him walking with no help
i walked up to him and asked him where he was going
he said Toa Payoh

so i led him to the bus that will go TPY

And he asked me to wait with him till the bus comes
and he asked if i am in a rush
i told him its ok

it was quite a distance to the bus stand

and when we were reaching
i saw the q moving
and the bus is here
and the line was moving quite fast
but uncle was walking quite slowly!

so i told him to stand there first while i run and stop the bus

so i RAN AND the bus actually closed the door already
i waved really hard at the uncle and he opened
i told him to wait for me while i bring a blind man over

so he waited...
the uncle thanked me
so did the driver

i am happy!

Hanz said
the people on the bus must be wondering what the hell they are waiting for!


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