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Monday, July 07, 2008

my feelings

Almost over...
this is gonna be a busy week
cuz besides the assignment due-* which we tried desperately to plead with her for extension*

i wanna let my hair down and enjoy as much as i could

i find it really puzzling whats on some people's mind...
i know there are certain things we may not see eye to eye with
to alot of people... in different aspects
so difficult to please everyone

we all have different expectations
and when things dun turn out the way it is...
everything becomes ugly too...

"let bygones be bygones"

but does that sentence really helps
i tired it
i managed to leave everything that has happened behind
i choose to look at things on a broad spectrum
why can't the others

if they choose to dwell over the minor issues that happened N- Years ago
or contantly repeatedly bring up the bad that we have done
then well,
u can't move on...
it's not easy saying to move on
we forgot about ourselves when we said something about others...

i am a lil disappointed with how certain things are
all the good
all the help
and the small lil gestures we did outta love
does not weigh over something that has happened 100000 years ago...

all this small things we dun sweat over
but it hurts others
when its frequently talked about
even when u said its the past...

*it's just an evaluation of situation*

in case others get misunderstood
its not u

just an overview of something i discussed with a friend lately...

she may not see this
i wanna let her know she is the best person i have met at that scary place
and she certainly brightens up my life
and taught me alot alot in the months that we hang out...

one who doesn't sweat over small issues
like literally

one of the solace i would say...

luckily we have each other...


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