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Saturday, July 05, 2008

it's ALMOST over

we went thru the research presentation!

everything went well
we were running outta time getting the slides ready in the library and
we were late printing out the copies for the lecturers

but we MANAGED TO DO it


i guess the most exciting and happier moment on my part
was suggesting the grps to take pictures
and I HAD SO MUCH fun

and it makes me feel nostalgic
and i sms the whole class about how i felt

everyone is special
I'm glad i made many happy in this short period of time

waiting for the pictures Audrey took
saw some from Su's facebook
and i will load

I am running outta time now
gonna rush to shower
meet Hanz at NTUC
we wanna watch the GOLDEN MELODY AWARDS live at his place later
so gonna go buy food to prepare
we are cooking
but the show starts at 5.30

and while waiting for the two to come we will whip up some dishes!

i will upload pics tonight!


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