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Thursday, June 26, 2008



An airport security lapse has raised further concerns about complacency and what has been done to strengthen procedures.

The passport mix—up — which allowed a man to fly out of the country using his son’s passport — is the third security breach in six months.

Mr Ang Heng Soon managed to check in for a Tiger Airways flight after mistakenly using his son’s passport.

The mistake was not spotted in spite of four levels of checks, enabling him to board his flight to Vietnam. He came back later after spotting his own error.

"This is yet another incident of human error, but it’s within the same home team, and we’ve seen a build—up of various incidents within various departments and this is troubling," MP Indranee Rajah said.

"It’s really two things, as I see it — one, the complacency that has entered into the day—to—day routine. And two, the sense of a lack of danger that if something can go wrong, it will," she added.

The MP intends to raise this and other wider security concerns in Parliament.

"If incidents like this continue, then it sends a signal that there are chinks and loopholes that can be exploited, and it would serve as an encouragement to people who want to test our security," she pointed out.

Law lecturer Mahdev Mohan at the Singapore Management University agreed. He added that while there cannot be a perfect system, officers need to be very aware of the wider implications of such human errors.

"To some degree, I think we need a transparent system of accountability where either an independent body is tasked purely — and by independent body, I mean persons outside the home team — into looking at procedures and seeing possibilities of slip—ups and perhaps even testing the system from time to time to see what are the loopholes in the system.

"And if the reports of this were made publicly available, there would be a level of scrutiny that would come to bear."

While investigations are ongoing, Home Affairs Minister Wong Kan Seng said scrutiny and supervision on the ground is being tightened. — CNA/ac

What exactly is COMPLACENCY...?~

This has been repeatedly used following numerous debates since MAS SELAMAT'S escape.
Just few weeks back the 2 criminals from subordinate court,
and now the passport "joke"

"a feeling of quiet pleasure or security, often while unaware of some potential danger, defect, or the like; self-satisfaction or smug satisfaction with an existing situation, condition, etc."

SOURCE: www.dictionary.com

with regards to such sensitive issues, i guess i need not comment much
but it does brought me linking this COMMONLY USED word in 2008 WITH my everyday life.

came across a friend's blog and was so amazed when she blogged about the no. of years she had been with her bf!



After some issues
some unhappy encounters lately,
again i came to realise i haven been that great to people around me either

i expressed my sincere apologies to those that i may have hurt unknowingly
and i totally understood that i may have pissed ten thousands of people with my abruptness and my deemed wackiness

which i have been so ignorant that people may not like this
and they may have been hurt or offended.

and after feeling some kinda hurt that i have hurt some people
life still goes on
and those truely nice ones showed grace and mercy on me
and accepted me for who i am

and just today
i realised the person whom i may have hurt the most are those who are the dearest of all to me...

i cant possible rank them based on their importance

but i am guilty that

for some reasons which i till now cannot explain yet
i tend to hurt those whom i love more
and those who i believe i cannot live without...

and the most shameful thing is,
they still love me, accept me and forgive for who i am

and i have always gave excuses for such behaviours
i attribute these blessings of nice people for my behaviour too!

crap, yes I KNOW!

i always felt that deep down inside
they accept me for who i am cuz i am nice and good to them when i am normal...

but now,
i feel quite bad

my mummy
my bf
my close friends...

they all had been shouted at by me
made fun of,
laughed at

whatever unkind things that u do when u are angry

I am so inhumane

i called Beibz
and apologise for what i have done
i told him i din know i was so rude
and he said his reasons
and gosh

i realised i have hurt him too many
but he seldom and hardly flared at me
for fear of offending me...

i know they have been so tolerant towards me
and i believe their tolerance and accommodation gave me more strength to be a tyrant
and i know its not nice

i will change for the better
please believe and please be reassured that i love u all deep deep down inside
pride and ego made it hard for me to admit my mistakes

but having witness and gone thru some unhappy encounters
i realised i haven been very nice either

and i should change b4 i see others...

thats complacent...


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