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Friday, June 27, 2008


i am feeling so tired now,

i cannot explain my feelings
and the emotional outburst

the talk made reminded me once again my true inner self
the true identity i hold
the outer shield i have been armoring myself with...
the true self i refused to let others see through

i need to learn like i always say to be better
and i know there is alot to be done
esp on my part...

that's why i always emphasized that people who like me will like me
and those who dun never will...

i made it seem like i dun give a damn
i dun need so many of them anyway

and those around me outshine
and i truely am grateful for all these...

deep down inside
it hurts to be mistaken
it hurts to be misunderstood

thats my vulnerable innermost feelings i don't want others to know
it never was apparent to me
however as i grew older
i came to realise the reality of life

its never too late
i will try

i am happy for her understanding
and believing in me

the whole journey has enlightened me alot alot
though there were good and bad times
i still enjoyed and remember the good times

i am surprised
yet satisfied and proud of myself to have come this far
and prove myself against all odds

my motto still remains unchanged
i still believed that as long as i get things done and i deliver quality and quantity
i do not need to please anyone

i will be more responsible to my every lil actions

thats life

sorry to those whom i have hurt unknowingly
it was never intended
and i never felt good


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