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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

mixed feelings!

i am not sad...

i am just tired maybe

bad headache...
feel somehow worried but not sure about what.

*OMG Sumini just called me,
results OUT!
So frigging scared and excited
cannot concentrate
hands turned cold
and shaking like parkinsons
and i called and sms all those whom i can rem
and haha i made em all so scared too!

at least we all made it!
Guaz said i worked hard
and sleep hard too!

haha so true

my dear sweet frens had wanted to celebrate my bday w me
we had planned to go sentosa resort
but both weekends near my bday i am stuck with important work!

damn it
i so wanna go
told em to forget it

the last weekend in june i gotta read up on HEALTH ASSESSMENT
i am the first in class to be tested
and the same week on fri we have a presentation
the research proposal

the next two days, weekend b4 my bday
i got a submission of written assignment of proposal
and the entire week gtta go for attachments therefore cannot afford midnight oil to write, gotta do it by weekends i hope i can....


bad timing.


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