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Friday, May 23, 2008


i just caught an episode of this hk drama on cable
save the details
but the highlight of the episode is shirking responsibilities...

it caught me thinking alot...
was inspired to write sth
but the moment i sat down
i have forgotten my earlier thoughts

but somehow its really irritating when someone pushes all the responsibilities to others and at the same time claim credits

we see these kinda people all the time
and i find it highly annoying when i see one trying hard to impress!
and i don't like the idea of bad mouthing others in front of superior...

well those drama shows it all
and in real life its almost everywhere which can get really depressing
maybe thats the motto to success...
outlast outwin outwit

kind of irritated with certain issues which i choose to ignore...
like i say when u do not have to care about it...
u overwrite or take advantage of it...
irritating i feel

life has been almost the same
we have completed the 1st week of posting
at day ward

kinda used to the pace of work
and rather involved in the work
which is good
at least its better off than standing around

had requested to go back there instead.

Lighter note...

Even tho i dun really buy alot during sales since its always off season
and i am too lazy to squeeze around and wait for the fitting room
it excites me alot and get me in the mood for shopping
and since tmr's pay day!

think i have mentioned this b4
but i so c/n stand the OFFICE CROWD~

THey totally pissed me off on trains and buses time and again
kan cheong


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