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Monday, May 26, 2008

pet pupz craze!

these days the girls and i are so OBSESSED WITH the facebook virtual pets
we fed it like the then Tamagotchi and the Nitendogs... for DS LITE

and we made an effort just to log on daily to feed, play and train our pets...

but kinda sick of it...
cuz the demands are getting way too lachey...
Audrey is probably the most persevered one having completed the training
and she actually PET AND STROKE Other dogs daily to get the points!

GSS is here.
Made an impulse buy last sat
not even a Sale Item,
and to think i can get it cheaper if i wait a lil longer...
but i still got it!
but i like it alot!


I met Hanwen just now to go Pasar Malam
and i am like hooked on this particular store that sell nice files and cute stationery.

the we went to play at this games section for kids
with 5 dollars and 140 ping pong balls
we gotta throw it into the slots filled with points 1-10
and can exchange for sth

and its not as simple as we thought!
The balls bounced!

we accumulated the points and will visit the stall again on Wed recruiting two more members! Heh heh

Dread attachements man
this week we are in OT
hate the place
and we have to be alone in the theatre
no one to talk to

so i chao to their theatre
and 4 more days!

hopefully beibz and i can try to arrange a getaway in July....

BBQ- Sat

alot planning to do...
got a few thongs at pasar malam!

Sun- Wedding dinner...

met up my poly pal, Choonz
she was vexed with school work and stuff
and guess what!
she is facing the same dilemma as i was few months back and it was my turn to laugh at her... i remember her saying why my problem can be so complicated!


and it felt good that she feels i know best

had alot of sweet warm wishes lately
people whom i used to be quite closed to
and people whom i used to enjoy being with all remembered me and contacted me
which i felt good

i would love some catching up!

just too bad for those who do not appreciate me for who i am,
for being outta my life for god knows why
or those who misunderstands me the way i certainly did not want it to be...

its so ironic...
to think we spoke about great plans to do this and that together...
just a blink of an eye
u disappeared in my life for a whole 6 months.
like i say
being chosen was not my choice
i have no idea what makes u wanna avoid any contacts
i did initiate updating u with some programs
and ask u along for celebrations

be it then
it reminds me of how u left one close friend years back

sometimes its a chore to deal with complicated issues
life is tough enough to bear grudges lor
forgive and forget
cuz we never know whats gonna happen next

i may still lose my cool easily
but i try to remind myself not to fret over small lil issues now...

i like this song
its written by Jay Chou
he is a wonder man
darling to the pop industry!


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