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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Its just so ridiculous...
i find it irritating
and i just cant seem to understand why

made me a lil remorseful over the times when i have been blunt, abrupt and ill- mannered.

promised that after 12mn today
i shall be nicer and considerate to my mannerism.

something not very nice happened
we all react differently to situations and feedbacks
i felt what happened today shouldn't happen at all

we shall just keep quiet in future
but feel a lil sorry
for behaving like that makes the rest of us wanna avoid inflicting unknown, questionable and unnecessary hurt...

i felt that i would have flared up
or shouted in some offensive vulgarities if i was still the untamed girl few years back in which is still does at times but controlling

after these kinda issues
we tend to avoid contacts as much as possible to prevent further hurt or damage
but like i have been rather truthful
i spoke about how i feel and how i think
its up to u to accept it or not

i dun need u to agree with me
its so flawed now...

felt so sorry for this nice lady who accepted my wrongs and faults
and so sorry for her she has to go thru what happened just now as we all know she is totally not at fault!

poor her
she has to tolerate it still...

luckily i have a interesting
easy going and play along partner...



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