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Sunday, June 08, 2008

getting stoic...

finding life that tad lil boring...
not much happenings
and even if there is...
those minor lil nitty gritty issues doesn't seem very bothersome now...

thats the word- stoic

less emo
less feelings
not very much bothered

but still i have undone things piling...

let's talk about something more happy
its been awhile again we last hang out in pretty clothes
last weekend i had class bbq
and last last we had a meal along choonz...

pretty clothes but threesome~

after telling Cheryl and judy how good Ajisen Ramen taste!
and after Cheryl confirmed the yumminess
i had craves for it
we went Ajisen yest for the famous Miso Ramen
My funny bf chose some funny Kim chi Korean noodle in a Japanese restaurant!

we headed for some fun in the arcade
Arcade in Bugis is quite interesting
not that we are childish,
but some games are seemingly interesting from the way others played
those who haven been to the arcade for awhile should take a walk there sometime
and there are amazingly many new inventions

mario kart is quite cool
u can take a pic of urself
and then race like daytona
and u can throw objects to hinder their speed

we went TCC for some quiet moments
and quality time

it was good
the only bad thing was
he took a latte drink
and i hate coffee
and i cant stand the smell
yet he kept talking facing me
and i inhale all the
coffee breath! ewwww... haha

i realised i haven took much pics with my new hair

took some lame pic in OT last week too

Maureen and I in TSSU
n Cheryl came to ask us to take some pics for fun
and some were taken in the changing room...

the top in the TCC pics is a new top
got it from Bysi
and the misleading poster reads 30% sale
only to find out that if u donate their old clothing and in exchange!
Went Southaven and got another top
and initially was attracted to the 20 bucks rack
but nabey
the new ones lured me into getting one!
GSS IS of no use
ended up buying the normal prices ones!

My anticipated band is coming!
F.I.R Is holding a concert on 8TH AUG!~

I got the tic!

5 OF US WILL be going

Realised i gave my friends names and ends with z!

thats what i call em really!


here's a low key song i kinda like
heard it over the radio awhile back


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