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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall...

the title explains it all!

I fell down...
landed on my BUM
fucking painful~

We went ECP on Friday, blading
and i was so anxious, since i wasn't THAT good
AND i wanted beibz to be near me in case when i go like, ERRRRRR.... i can get hold of him.

then when we were near the chalets,
the road was so quiet and peaceful
so he asked to let him try out his new wheels
and he sped... away happily
like the moment he left me i am so insecure,
i fell!

i was on the verge of crying
tears were in my eyes
and i called out to him, voice breaking
my poor fingers 'dragged' on the rough roads and cause some abrasions
and i blamed him for leaving me behind.
i was telling him,
usually i can TALK SO LOUD!
But at that moment,
when i fell
i couldn't call out well...

met up with my friends of 12 LONG YEARS!
and we went to the cocktail bar, KLEE
i would say nice AMBIENCE
and they serve nice cocktails too

makes me CRAVE FOR More drinks
come next SAT,
we are going ST JAMES FOR A BLASTING TIME man~

i was telling Hanz that i cant meet him early today cuz i am so guilty i din study
so he said 7 pm
and guess what
i opened up my Psychology notes
and got so sleepy after just 3 SLIDES!~

Damn it
and i took a nap
when i already slpt till 2 pm today
another day gone wasted~


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