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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Siloso Beach Resort...

Rooms with Sea view, located at level 8 and each suite features a private stairway leading from bedroom to private roof top garden with Jacuzzi where you can rejuvenate and enjoy the magnificent view of the sea and the tropics.

Roof terrace has 2 deck chairs for sun tanning and an open air outdoor Jacuzzi. Room Size: double story in total of 60 Square meter

*Our Roof Garden Suites are suitable for Couples and Honeymooners. Due to the unique room design, additional beds are not available for the suites

i wanna go!!!

4 more hrs to my paper...
ended up online again...
like sourcing for potential holiday destination!

attempted to make yummylicious half boil eggs
like the ones served in Ya Kun or even Koufu
those really white, creamy and huge yolks that's so protuding and i always thot it looks like Breasts...
hur hur

and then the ones i used to make are always like totally white and creamy..
i tried to wait a lil longer just now.
since the aunty at Koufu always say 9 mins...
so i took around that much time

like the ones hospital served!


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