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Wednesday, May 07, 2008


hard times makes us difficult and quick tempered too...
maybe that doesn't so apply to me,
hur hur

since good or bad times i am just as quick tempered.
we had yet another fight yesterday.
well, as usual he c/n understand my point and neither can i understand his

he was so so so so so irritated that he did something which i did not expect
i was shocked
not so shocked oso la
but surprised
in a bad way

i remained poised
and went to bathe...
and then i realised myself trying to bathe faster in case he left w/o pesifying me
and i thought i was quite paranoid with the noise outside imagining it as padlock and keys...

i managed to get it done really quick and he was still around.
i ignore him
and he seems like pretended to knocked out
haha i let out a laugh when i caught him opening his eyes a lil to see what i was doing!
and i laughed at him for feigning death!

getting emo and stuff, the usual,
i told him i hated how he did that act
and i tried to do what he did and he was equally STUNNED,
we both got rather emo
and i guess we made up by being emo since we realised we are being bo liao and we still love each other... haha
i thought the prev sentences are rather mushy and awfully disgusting haha

the emo phase and all,
we had some scuffle when he tried to stop me from doing what he did,
he was using quite a bit of force in order to hold me back since i am known to be HERCULES' wife... self professed.

and he POKED MY EYE!
i cried...
as in really cried...
it reminded me of my childhood days when i fought w my bro and ended up crying...
it was painful
then i thought of the possible complications like traumatic glaucoma, cataract, laceration, blunt trauma or even blindness and beats me why i thought i would substain endopthalmitis and eviserate my eye eventually

yes yes all that nonsense ran thru my mind
and i thought i could feel like my ANT CHAMBER WAS SHALLOW
AND that the aqueous humor flow was badly restricted
and i use the fingertip digital pressing and i thought my pressure was high as well...

i rested my eyes...
no pain thereafter
but the tension is still felt upon pressing
which i absolutely have no idea if thats normal even b4 the POKE~

he was so so so GUILTY
and he did not dare go back!
i reassured him of my MANLINESS
and asked him to go back!

looks like UPGRADING Yourself,
all this staff developments are not that helpful
u may end up being malingers!

seeing how hard others studied,
i only started yesterday
and took so many breaks in btw!

recieved news from Zila personally and i cfm with Yappie that she is joining our ward after she graduates from Adv Dip in 2 weeks time

my poly classmate!
reunited and now as colleague!
quite interesting
since we had quite alot of fun during our poly days!

i wonder if the rest can start transferring to my ward
and we can have hell lot of fun times and...


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