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Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I painted my nails,
re painted
and finally i decided to use back the 1st colour i coated.

i was supposed to be studying
i ended up sharpening the colour pencils Audrey gave me.
and watching tv

i did study
i took more 24hrs to cover 1 topic!
and i think i dun rem most of the stuff i read...

i stole the pic from FACEBOOK
and it turned out to be so MINI!

i will post mine errr.... SOON

everyone is waiting
i shall do it tmr... maybe haha

i realised i haven really took much pic with the 3 ladies i hang around
amazingly we managed to hit it off at the LATENT stage
and interestingly we are all 5 YEARS OF AGE APART!~

And each pair shares similar characteristics
quite funny
we braved thru Bio, Ophthalmic Nursing and Nursing Mgt (after tmr) together at WOODLANDS LIBRARY!

I think WOODLANDS LIBRARY IS A GD and nice place to study in...

i shall try and take more pic with em and the rest of my classmates who are willing to... i guess that will be of great fun.
perhaps some in campus too since we don;t have much time left in campus...

and seeing the pics we took at the airport reminded me of the fun and laughter we had ther and the excited lil kid in us when we posed with the HUGE Fire engines!

a pity we did not take photo at sakae...

we had joy we had fun we had seasons in the son...
i'm so sad the rest are all going for a GETAWAY RIGHT AFTER the exams!
its too rush for me to plan
and i am a lil tight on budget...
impossible for a MEGA SHOPPING TRIP too...

i heard about something really awful and i felt sorry for a friend
i like her as a friend
and i believe she is bounded by some things sometimes
and i wished, and felt she could have been happier and enjoyed alot more of the process if not for ....

everyone is free to do what they like...
like it or not,
thats the differences with human being
if u have so many problem in accommodating,
and u so cannot stand the way things are done,
thats just too bad.

u missed out alot alot.
u should thank god or whatever ur faith is for blessing u with such a nice and tolerable friend...
if not for ur noble friend,
i believe u probably died of heart attack since whatever others do or say pisses u off so badly...

enough said...
i gave myself till 1am to slack
and i overshot...


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