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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Labour Day Special!?

the weather is so frigging hot lately that i wished that i wished everywhere is air conditioned! So we need not step out under the scorching sun or humid weather and sweat, and u noe see ugly wet patches under armpits of some! Ha hahaha!

damn The fossil service shop!
reached at 8.25 yesterday to collect my watch and they have closed!
so early!~ They close at 8 on normal days and 7 on weekends or PH~

Wasted trip.
But i got myself this nice dress from Taka,
and finally A WHITE LASCOSTE sneakers!
I used the taka vouchers i won for the two items and the remaining were paid for by my darling boy! >winkz< THANK YOU!
We bought new rings too!
I have been bugging him to changed the current one we had, identical square shaped rings... and its badly scratched and tarnished,
we both put on some weight and the ring is suffocating our fat fingers! haha
We got a new pair and he too paid haha! what a steal~

yesterday, we went snec day ward for posting.
was relating to Maureen about my eye conditions after this SSN commented that my eyes looked somewhat ptosis and with some squint...

and she brought me to consult A dr from her clinic
and she said i need to do surgery for both eyes.
in fact i did it when i was younger,
and it has come back again.
my corneal have presented with some punctate epithelial and i guess its not a good signs for my corneal is at risk of having lacerations or even invade into my stromal which has high risk of corneal scarring.

as for the un-operated eye, she commented there is so much of asymmetry and there is however still need to do bcuz not just for comesis, the lashes are grown in weird manners as well... and the muscles are sort of detached causing so bad asymmetry and upward growing of the entire lid!

i am a lil worried as to when i should get it done
school does not allow me to get MC,
and i am not so sure if i can wait another 3-4 months
but if i wait till then, i will be abusing some kind of rights
being away for 8 whole months yet have the cheek to take MC once i get back.


i slept a total of 12 hours!

Going back for a nap again later
maybe go find my darling boy later.
tmr we r visiting the AIRPORT!

but the uncool thing is
waking up early and reaching at 8.15!


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