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Saturday, May 03, 2008

happy me~

i am rather 4getful these days
i dun remember what i blogged in the last posts therefore i might repeat certain stuff

i am quite happy these few days
Hmmm where shall i start...

met beibz in town again...
we went SHOPPING!
His fren is getting married, he insist on me going w him...
i kinda dread such occasion cuz i hate to meet up with strangers,
like esp others' friends...
a lil diff to break the ice for others' friends...
i can do it better if its my own frens or new found frens etc (hope u get me... cuz i dun quite get myself!)
anyway, i was a lil stressed as to what to wear he wanted to get me nice clothes
like i said i ended up using the taka vouchers buying a nice black dressy like top
but ytd,

we went heeren, actually to get a nice pair of comfy havaianas
and we ended up in this shop, Gar'con
its in french so its not GAR-CON
Its Gar- sion...
hur hur

if i am not wrong la haha

the shop has nice collection of clothes
by local designers!
and we ended up spending over 300!
i got two dresses,
including a LBD...
Was pondering but i got it in the end as nice fitted and flattering ones for my size is hard to come by and its good to invest in one in case of EMERGENCY!

he paid for one of it! (EXCITED)
he got a cardi, pants and a nice knitted top!
and i think i need to stress on this, the shop assistant is SO NICE~!
She is like the sales assistant u wish for,
she doesn't follow u, like tail u... (u noe those pest in some shops! who trail u!)
and she doesn't force u to buy
and she willingly delays her closing time waiting for customers to pickup some stuff
and she is so POLITE!
I enquired something and i said thanks, she replied u r welcome w a SMILE~

WHEN WE MAde payment, beibz gave her too much
and we were jokingly saying its Tips,
beibz told me afterwards that he actually wanted to so much
but was afraid i will scold him~
but i thought she deserves it!
will def visit again!

And we had LATE dinner at cine, Chiacago Steak house i think
the service was just as GOOD!

Yesterday was a enjoyable day cuz we met many nice people around and we were both very glad!


today~ we had our LAST field visit...
and we went AIRPORT and visited CAAS...
the fire station in the airport!
We took so many pics and i will upload tmr and w.t.h!
We took photos like non stop and we even get to ride in those HUGE VEHICLES!


We went Sakae after that w some classmates!
We had teppanyaki stuff and i thought the food was good~
went compasspoint with Audrey and Cheryl
and they left one by one,
while i loiter around waiting for beibz~ and ended up spending quite a bit buying aimlessly.

but still i got a nice wallet for mummy
some cutesy stuff
and nice blings!
i went Libray to 'ZENG' my camera! haha FUN!

Tmr... i will upload the pic!
i am so tired
slpt barely 3 hrs ytd
and i am out THE WHOLE DAY today...
and now my eye is so painful
there is this budding chalazion...



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