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Thursday, March 20, 2008



DAMN PISSED!I badly need to go temple,
pray to the goddess of mercy for protection against the "XIAO REN" AKA EVIL ONES!

This is getting outta hand...


She commented that we ophthalmic gals always go canteen...
yes that self- proclaimed CHAMPION DUMB FOUNDED CHAMPION USER!~


its quite annoying la the subsequent contents
i think u guys might hate her too
and feel like killing her...

i have already decided that i let her off for commenting i go canteen and stuff
she is still irritating as ever during meetings act smart etc
and i noe the rest hates her too

guess what,
she went to tell her own speciality group mates that...
my other group mate from paeds fought w her... with i dunno what...
and i bet she told em in a damn pitiful way or whatever made up CCB story
and her group mates went to spread around and ask around why my poor fren fought w her!

w.t.k.n.n.c.c.b lor


we never ever fought with her
we tahan her every meeting
we did not even bother TALKING TO HER...

and she specially identified my fren from PAEDS, and another distinctive feature.
obviously its my fren!

and she told some made up untrue story and it spread!

i am so angry
she did that to me
and now another innocent one

my fren is damn nice one lor!
no one ever fought w her, cuz we usually nv even bother to acknowledge her when she talks. its like auto shut off once she starts talking

and then now the class is speculating
and probably judging or labelling my fren and our sub group
she is overboard i feel

pls tag if u think we shld do sth

she is spoiling the group dynamics
and she has no idea what degree of harm she caused!

i know its so drama.
i am so sad i ended up in such groups
but frankly speaking
generally speaking both grp are fun to be with except one member each

they destroy our group dynamics
they put our group to shame by speculating untrue AND NEGATIVE stuff abt our grp
when we shld be collaborating better than any others!

she must be acting like a pitiful gal who has no say in e grp
but i think she shld re evaluate herself!

1stly, she dun deserve our respect
cuz she is too bossy
thinks highly of herself!

she dunno PR at all

she has poor integrity!

she is so pathetic for
she knows NUTS ABOUT herself...
her unknown self which is known to all but HERSELF
she is not a satisfied person
cuz her identified and perceived self totally defers from her true self.

i am gonna bring up this issue next meeting
for i feel its unfair when nothing of that happened
i want the culprit to clarify with us and give us an explanation
i dun care if others like me or not
but i feel that we have to have a clear conscience!

she is supposed to be religious
i find her totally unworthy of the religion for she is not practicing her faith
if we avoid sensitive religious issues
she somehow still makes up a evil despicable person

when we always say
as we aged, we accumulate vast life experiences
and as we grow, shouldn't we be more sensitive, more understanding.

I learnt alot in my teenager- adulthood phases
working makes me see the many sides of human beings
in which i am not surprised that this kinda ppl exist

Like Audrey and some others said,
they really regretted coming for this course
we met up with alot of blunders...
esp in terms of social interactions with fellow school mates

its sad really
but i am still happy with the school life
i gotten over the irritating people around me,
by ignoring them
and i learned to enjoy the positive factors of school life
i told the rest its ok
cuz let her be what she wants to be
as ultimately its her own loss
and i feel really sad for them, being hated and lonely
but they brought it against emselves.

in this complicated society
anything is possible
we will nv know what will happen
just gotta learn and appreciate the good things
handle the unforeseen circumstances with an open mind
it will enhance our Quality of life definitely

Never ever spread untrue things about others!
i do gossip
but only the truthful factual things i witness
and provided the other part agrees with me

i feel its very unfair if we influence someone's thoughts and perceptions about one when they dun even know em well enough to judge
and affects what others may think!

i am so unlucky to meet up w such issues
which i am so embarrassed lor to say
but for justice sake i must
for we were so innocent

I accompanied my frens to canteen, then she commented
and furthermore what has it gotta do w her?
she must be there la to see us always there

then now defames innocent party buy spreading untrue things about our grp.



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