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Monday, March 03, 2008

i fell in love with this song...

its funny how i can missed out this song in the album...
until today
many thoughts running thru my head on my way back.
i was thinking of the undone work...

this track came along
i like the lyrics
it talks about how love should be and the promises held and meeting the promises of it

u have to do it!

school started,
tiring yes...
luckily compared to a handful others
i've at least made rather significant progresses in my workload!
gonna rush a lil more today and lend my books to the needy!

very annoyed with certain things
i am sorry for the stage u r undergoing currently
but that doesn't gives u the rights to show us faces
all of us r trying so hard as well

what have u done?!
Who are u to comment that whatever we are doing now is too late!
at least we did our part, did u?

i will RESPECT U
if u prove to me the ORIGINALITY of ur works!
or perhaps
show more substance in ur work rather than saying how much knowledge or info u have to this topic and that topic with nothing done in the end!

all these scheming ppl are driving us mad!

we are happy as our own
jolly well stay AWAY from us
why only seek our company when ur LEADER'S mood swings sets in!

to hell with all the nonsense!
sometimes i really hate being a girl
and girls... in general.

on another note
was on e line with him
and ended on a bad note

my expression was misinterpreted
he deemed it as a SMIRK

its ur f* own interpretations
and u r wrong so so wrong

i hate perceptions really
i know i do perceived others at times
but i find that ME, MYSELF HAVE BEEN BADLY perceived or labelled by many ignorants even b4 they know me.

One gd example, the stupid malay girl whom i talked about...
well, bet she labelled me as a PIG, LAZY, BIG EATER CUZ I LOVE CANTEEN!

well, its not the first time that i hear people saying things abt me...
i asked others why me!~
what did i do?!

maybe i am too man... was their reply
i sometimes forget others' feelings and hurt them by my abrupt frankness.
which i swear its often slipped of tongue.
it just cant wait to blurt out

i hate life sometimes
when we dun bother abt them yet they can't let u live in peace

some others always act like they are so superior
branded goods doesn't represent class...
no doubt how BIG OR HUGE the labels are
i dun see u BRINGING OUT the beauty of it
i am so sorry i will nv exclaim at all ur luxuries or praised u for having such class! POSERS!

Thats life...
what to do...


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