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Sunday, December 23, 2007

counting down...

its 2 days to xmas,

a week to 2008,

a lil over a mth to CNY

a week to my last few days at work.

felt exceptionally heart warming when i know that i mean alot to some people.
we may not say how much we enjoy each others' company
cuz we literally spent many many times at work.

some thoughts i have but i dun really know how to put into words,
this time round i feel a lil lonely.
the campus just lacks the laughter i was surrounded by last time,
i'll be going thru this w/o my clique,
and with a seperate goal
and expectations from others.

I do not aspire to achieve anything big,
afterall, i still prefer singing and sleeping to studying
i'm happy w the given opportunity
but at the same time i can't help but miss the people who walked w me in the 3 yrs during diploma days,


been receiving msges, really sweet girls who made me feel so impt.
their blessings made me feel so loved and appreciated,
i'm so gonna miss them...

esp u. (u should noe who u r since we share telepathic abilities!)


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