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Friday, December 07, 2007

long week....

both emotionally, physically and MENTALLY.

Mon was Sister's farewell, overwhelmed w tears after Ain read out a speech by Mariam
in fact alot of unexpected ones teared plus unexpected turn ups! -Christine Ong!

Its really kinda unexpected...
but its life.

i am so tired,
so was him
we went vivo as he had off in lieu of sun due to sitex
and we haven shopped on a weekday for so long!

bought a new jacket w HOOD!
A new leggings
A new top
wanted to get a new bag so nice! Buy decided not to...

went hubbing too...
he gt a lacoste sneakers
a new jeans

we went home and i knocked out till today
yup nv bathe
nv change haa

going Honeypot later w baoling for BW for my trip!

random updates!


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