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Thursday, December 13, 2007


watched this drama, where the lead actor discovered he hasn't got much time left,
he is afraid of death and he so dun wanna die but he has no choice.

He does alot of things to make the people around him remember him,

it makes me wonder about this.

What will i do if i know i don't have much time left.
Negative i noe...


i guess the stages of death is inevitable

Kubler-Ross' five stages of dying

*Denial and isolation- why is this happening to me?

*Anger- why god chose me?

*Bargaining- at least fulfill a wish...

*Depression- inability to go through this~

*Acceptance- I'm ready, i dun wanna struggle anymore.

my nursing friends will noe about these 5 stages,
well so true!

my post sounds so depressing.


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