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Friday, April 25, 2008

fend for ourselves...

today is our last lecture in SNEC...
and Monday and Tuesday will be our tests on the Ophthalmic part...

i dunno really
today we voiced out concerns to Miss AQ
and Poor Judy was quite affected,
she was overwhelmed with the amount of notes we have to cover and the amt of time we were given on it...
i kinda said the most...
but in an untactful manner i would say
being the first i was able to hear how the rest felt and damn
i thought indeed i was quite straight forward,
Rem how they always say if we are writting a formal complaint letter,
say something nice then proceed to the details...
many of em put it in a more nicer way than i do
but thats not my concern...
but more of the 'self-study' part

most of the time i felt we were left to fend for ourselves.
tutorials were spent mostly on 'housekeeping'
giving us dates to field visits
lessons, lectures changes, this form that form
all those PAPER BOUND nonsense!

we were asked qns and we were denied from QUESTIONING
LIke w.T.F lor!
I mean how NICE TO get PAID THAT AMOUNT OF $ and having such LUXURIOUS nature of work
i also want lor!

NVM i have so lil experience
NVM my pc literacy is SO POOR

all i need is give them a topic outta the HUGE MEDICAL CONDITIONS avail,
and then ask them to share with me their LAYMAN knowledge,
tell em they are not entirely right so when questioned about what it is
i will just smile, and say WHAT DO U THINK?

I can wear nice clothes
have nice hairdo...
and drives RAV 4...

all about self directed~

we haven got much time left tiLL mon
i am not prepared
i have like 1022124556 pieces of papers untouched~
and i have no idea what the hell some of the tests are to be done in the clinics
even if i noe the name i got no idea how the damn machine or gadget looks like!

but nvm
i am just gonna write what i deem is SENSIBLE..

I TOld judy
we can make it
and when we look back we will be extremely proud of ourselves cuz its our OWN EFFORTS~

RECALLING her damn facial exp when she ask us back qns we posed,
i feel like throwing 100000 daggers at her!


i am having really really bad outbreaks...
they say its stress
but i thought i feel ok...
maybe unconsciously i am stressed up ba hahaha


despite some lil conflicts along the way,
i am glad most of us, 99.9 % of us had put behind all that and moved on.
no hard feelings now...
i guess the complexity of human characteristics makes life interesting

some of us found enjoyment together!

those problem and blunders we met up with made us stronger
we began to understand the differences each of us had and accept each other for who we are...

its up to individuals whether or not to accept it.
and i guess its fate that brought us together too...

we did not purposely segregate the rest
or ostracize anyone...
but we enjoyed being with each other...
perhaps to the extent that we unknowingly did that.

i guess after August, i will miss hanging out with em the most...
they share the same sentiments with me too.
we had alot fun times food hunting, shopping, discussing school work.
i learnt alot from them really,

recalling the times we teased each other, the times we spent discussing the complex anatomy and formulate better learning methods by colouring...

now when we dun see each other we feel kinda weird!

like i say its a blessing to find great company
a pity some just cannot be good friends
but no hard feelings on my part...
because i put aside all that
i can try and compromise and be accepting
i hope and thank others for being patient with me too...

i hope others felt this way too...

I am so late...
I am damn slack
gonna watch movie at AMK HUB w Beibz!
and he is there liao lor

tmr then study la

i gt a email from ASIAROOMS
calling for me to go travel~

every year on my bday week i will go travelling
this year i cant!
Beibz and me want to go travel so badly together
for the past 2 years we would have at least gone KL or Genting liao lor~


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