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Sunday, March 27, 2005

POst exams

post exam... i feel like i'm a party animal man! I din sleep well thru out the exam week and straight away aft the exams, we went PARTYING but thts like the worst place one wld ever choose to club! DAmn the LKK BAR! With all the lao hum gu man.... i rather be in a yuppy pub w all sorts of cheesy younsters than tht! Damn... it happened last good friday and damn its the same this yr! CURSED!

Alot of invitations thruout the week... seems like never ending gathering and it all functions till damn late and i always can onli catches my slp whn its close to dawn but nvm abt tht cuz we dun hv much time to mit up liao... PRCP is just nxt wk and AZHAR is damn worried! Reading his ortho notes while we were out playing pool!

Had many multi racial gatherings recently... nt trying to be racist reali but recently had been hanging out alot w ppl like zila, kamala, azhar, chuyun, james, choonz, once in awhile pong and jingle! and we had great fun reali... hope to continue tht in the weekends of PRCP... but azhar pls dun carry ur book out!

6 more weeks, and i will be unofficially a graduate if nyp nursing... unfficial SN but damn i m reali nervous... dun think i m up to it! But thn again a prt of mi reali wants to excel and be one reali efficient one... I m like at the cross roads... i dunno where i shall start and wad i shall do... i reali m in dilemma.. choice of hospital? field? will they want mi??? Damn getting rather worried but i hope everything will turn out well... i reali hope and nt onli for mi but for the rest too...

off nw... badly need a rest!


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