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Thursday, March 10, 2005

last day...NR 0210

Recieved a email frm maslinna's multiply. She posted the lyrics for Vit C's graduation....emotions overwhelmed mi outta sudden. Its just too sudden for mi to come to reality tht tomolo will be the last day of sch... haiz.... aFT 3 yrs of enriching joruney we r parting ways... in the three yrs my 1st tut grp wasnt tht fantastic reali and sorry to say tht... NR 0210 is the one tht i will remember and reminisce.

Started out as a grp who is so nt cooperative to one who makes funni noises nw and thn, clapping unneccessarily. OMG i M gonna miss all of u! Our common enemy DR ??? and our common idol Kamala... us fighting hard tht we R nt the Key Noise makers in the lect hall... Horny bitch she sure was! SIR I M SCARED! Nvm abt her! Remember us practicing hard for the I BELIEVE segment and the rest dancing along the PRETTY WOMAN song thts just so memorable! The zest we held on stage was marvellous! Even though there were a few unwilling ones still many obliged and we were a GRP! I believe i can lalala... humming along the music nw! We were enjoying ourselves! GRace even went up despite Her leG injury! Thumbs up 4 her man!

Clinical labs... hehe... :p guilty lei! Mary Ang must be reali relieved tht it was onli FRI nights tht she taught us! Us playin the game and stood still in her class... magaret au taught baby bath and the head flew out! WAHAHA... oF crse SHE exposed JAMES' pubic hair! LOLZ... RESUSITATION! OMG! Hell lot of fun and noise! ATTN ALL MEDICAL STAFF CODE BLUE!!!! Monica sure acted well as a patient! Defib... clear clear clear!

All these memories will be kept within mi 4 life... whn i think back of my school life in NYP everyone of u will be remembered by mi as...

Wendy- ANG = RED! Broad smile!
Florance - Nice, Motherly
Haixia- FOREIGN BODIES, LATE companion, High spirited
ChenYan- My dear old neighbour! bus 265! Warm, jovial, bubbly... patient and comical!
Pony- Soft spoken, photographer, XIAO MA
Peifen- Confident, gd presenter!
Xiuhui- Quiet, choir gal...
Cheryl- "ON", ez going... lobang queen!
Hosay- Voluptous! Red lips! "Hey PPL!!!" Efficient!
James- CRAp, dandruff...nemesis, eloquent, runner
Jingle- Her name~ haha, Realli friendly and helpful!
Kamala- Conscientious, BOOBastic, gd confidant
Shuzhen- LEADER, enzyme-pepsin? Sporty and NPCC
Ruili- Pretty, firm...
Senqi- Soft, hardworking
Pei Xuan- Mi la haha NOISY...
Ziyu- elegant, talented.
Maslinna- RAI! Bollywood, marks and spencer! DAncing queen! fast worker! Keen learner.
Nadia- Sweet...DEMURE, DOLL MAKER... haha
Sze Choon- quiet bitch haha, kancheong, but still My best friend!!
Azhar- STAT! arab music... red cross @#$% Vulgar but Smart! KNowledegeble... fun
Zila- TB! DA BEN DAN! HOt chic! Style! Her hair... and silat
Nur- Vroom Vroom... confused... petite yet biker babe! Cool!~
PONG- bLUR, LAte... estacy! Super Duper CUTE! Funni responses... joy to others, Optimistic!
Siti- her vocals! Perfume smell! Delifrance Tak sedap!
CHuyun- sleeping beauty! Beautiful. Laughters, Vibrant!! Creative ideas! Great companion and BEST buddy.
Grace- her bf! DAMN sexy! Whooh hoo! Gungho.
PengLiang- intelligent, READILY offers help whn asked... his eyes!
Xiajing- JING JING** tall! Independent and mature!

i will nv 4get u guys... i will miss u all...

sing along to the tunes of I BELIEVE ONCE MORE...

They said you wouldn't make it so far a a

And ever since they've said it its been hard

But never mind that night'cha had to cry

CAuse you had never let it go inside

You worked real hard and you know exactly what you want and need so believe

And you can never give up

You can reach your goals

Just talk to your soul and say


I believe i can

I believe i will

I believe i know my dreams are real

I believe i can

I believe i will

I believe i hold it soon man

That is what i do believe

Your fools are justes singing, your soul aha

And you know that your moves will let them show

You keep creating pictures in your mind

So just believe they will come true in time

It will be fine leave all of your kiss and stress behind and

Just let it go

Let the music go inside again the pain

It just start to believe


[Rap passage]

At third my yet what people say

Hold your head high and turn away

With all my hopes and dreams I will believe

Even though it seems it's not for me

I won't give up, i'll keep it up

Looking to the sky

I will achieve on my knees

will always believe

[2x chorus]


Blogger PeiFen said...

hey gal, well done! really made me realize there are many things we have shared..let me take this chance..to apologize..if in any ways offended you. really got no intentions at all..lets forget the the differences that we have encountered, but move forward in life..keeping in mind what our great idol Kamala has taught us..wishing u here..all the best..PeACE~~

14 March 2005 at 10:44 PM  
Blogger QJ said...

Dat was REALLY sweet of u 2 sum up ur impressions n hw u feel bt us! Aww... Heh.. a bit teary-eyed. :p

*HUGS* Wat a warm n fuzzy post u've gt here. ^^

17 March 2005 at 8:10 PM  

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