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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

gonna miss sch...

attended Ms Kamala's class yesterday and whn the lesson sort of ended... all of us sat dwn and chatted w her voicing out complaints... fears and worries and also asking abt Future propects etc. Ms Kamala still is the ever so confident lady w the poise or wad do we call it... she tackled qns professionally and confidently and left us satisified w doubts clear... Remembered her stepping into pur class in yr one and once while learning all abt BP choonz and mi gt scolded by her cuz she tot we were playing but We just cant seem to locate the BraChial PULSE W.T.H! HAHA... but she realli inspired mi whn she taught us in yr 2... she made mi and i m sure most of us beri passionate abt nursing and goin on... =)

went Sakura w AZHAR, T.B(ZILA), CHooNZ( QUIET B****) LOLZ, KAMALA... yak yak and yak and we proceeded to YAKUN and yak again! haha We touched on many issues of life... our fears at moment... hw we first met... future hopes, graduation... so many things... we had joy and we had fun until we were hinted to leave the place! 'POLY STUDENTS' thanks to the tee azhar was wearing... haha but aniwae the place was cursed aft we left cuz IT WAS SO EMPTY... yakun NO MORE!

i noe we were all gonna miss our sch life... frm our boring yr 1 class- just cant cooperate yr 2- the so nosiy yr 3!

while talkin abt some common probs we met up w lately... was pondering on whether we shld do anitin to it... but somehw its bio factor and i doubt it will ever be removed...so be it? i dunno... my concern is i reali cant b bothered...

wad goes around comes ard! Niceeee song.


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