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Monday, March 07, 2005

My Dearest!

so nice to meet up w my dear old buddies... 3 weeks may seems shrt but we do miss each other badly!!! EVEN though it was just a simply meal together... and talking over a cup of milk tea... it just seem so nice and warm!

Meeting up has always been so look 4ward! We always recall back the good old days... and end up laughing laughing and laughing... we went thru alot in the past until we seen each other grew up and changed for the better. Even though it was the same old things tht we talked abt, it nv seem boring to us. We simply just love talking abt it! wE Might nt see each other so often, we treasures every meeting opportunities!

There are the ppl who truely understands mi... they are the ppl who truely accepts mi 4 who i am... they have seen mi grow up frm a young and ingnorant gal to someone who is older and less ignorant. I may nt have changed alot and into someone well loved by everyone.. but i m sure they r relieved my frens ought to thank god tht its the new mi tht they noe! They went thru hell w mi... but they forgive and forget. After goin thru the rough patches and misunderstandings it brought our relationship to a even greater heights whn everything is cleared!

I m proud to say we have been great pals since the 90s haha though its nt too far away... we had maintained our frenship for close to 9 yrs and its still goin on great! I love em!!! Absence makes the heart grows fonder! Meeting ups btw is scarce but we grab every mit up sessions and enjoy it!

Well... thanks alot man my dear guaz.. who stood by mi all these yrs... listened attentively to my complaints, shared my sorrows, happiness and hear mi cry! The countless arguments we held made us stronger right! And many more whicjh its simply impossible to name it here!

Eb my great Lao Lim pal who crap w mi, shared my sorrows too... happie moments we shared and always so tolerant and forgiving to my misdeeds!

Hw... we may nt confide as much as i do w the rest i noe u r always there whn i nid u and u noe i m too!

JJ and LP is my bestest frens since sec one day one ya! Love ya two man! YOU GUYS r reali cool

Wrds can nv explain my thoughts but i m glad u r here! Reali!


Anonymous -aIsHu- said...

Gal..Im sure i'll miss u too... and ur description for all of us... Its so US!!! I agree!! And as for u... Pei Xuan: Yeah.. u r noisy... Gorgeous, Penghulu, and a bad person wen asleep... Ps: NEVA wake her up wen she's sleepin.. but yeah... nice gal.. she apologized wen she's finally 'sober'...

12 March 2005 at 4:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorrie.. untill 2dae then i go read yor blog... a lot of feelins man... thank you is all i hav 2 sae 2 u... u make my life full of doesnt make sense things, laughter and sadness.... -nala-

30 March 2005 at 10:04 AM  

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