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Saturday, May 14, 2005

overwhelmed emotions...

fyi... its rainin heavily nw and i think its affectin most areas in singapore... this kinda of weather topped up w some slow jazz or slow music... reali make mi think alot...

is it lonely? i dunno... its some kinda feelins tht i m somehw unable to describe... but my heart aches which i dunno y? Its nt tht i m heart broken or sth but its just some weird fuckin feelin tht i simply dunno hw to say... topped up w some sms a fren of mine sent... it reali makes mi think alot again... i wanted to take a walk hm frm the mrt station but it was rainin too heavily so i had to take a bus. I wanted to walk and @ the same time be in deep thots... i wann athink abt alot of things evaluate myself and think abt wad is happenin ard mi but too bad... i will prob do it b4 i slp tonite.

on the bus i kinda understood y i m always thinkin abt the past and reminisin... my past had been a past and wad ever probs i encounter r resovled or dissolved... and rt nw i think maybe i m just tryin to run away frm some probs which i haven reali find the soln yet... i guess i need a hug nw badly... one who has reali wide chest 4 mi to lean on and if i do cry... a shoulder 4 mi. I m doin wad the song says dun cry out loud just keep it inside and learn hw to hide my feelins and i m doin it but i reali yearn 4 a broad comfy chest 4 mi to lean on at times... maybe i need a man...

i hv thinkin alot abt the miseries relationships caused and the kinda i m missing u so badly feelins yet u r too far away or i need u badly yet u r nt mine or u r nt here... damn maybe thts wad makin feel so fuckin dwn... i duno if i k i will very much hope everyone k leave nw and i shall cry out loud!


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